Monday, May 7, 2007

10 Weird Things about me

ဒီတစ္ခါ Tag လုပ္ျခင္းခံရသူကေတာ႔ Thyda ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

Ko Thant Zin Aung tagged me about this topic. I am sorry that this post is a bit late but as it is just for fun, here are my weird things (which my friends mentioned. I do not think myself that those are weird;-))

1. I wash my hand , hundred of times in one day. (After I use public train, after I touch (I think I touch) some dust on my table before working and etc)

2. I listen to the songs overnight (without sleep) sometime. And I'd like to wake up with songs and I'd like to go to bed with songs.

3. I do so many things at the same time especially in the evening time. (while I am eating dinner, I am surfing the Internet, chatting with friends (sometime with 5 friends at the same time), watching TV, listening to the YouTube songs over the Internet, reading blogs, receiving hand-phone call, sending sms message via hp, replying internet emails ;-))

4. I'd like to buy the most expensive material which I believe that it is the best one. And I allocated expenses for each day. For example, If I bought Estee Lauder Make-up with a price of Yen 6,000 and I guess I would use it about one year, So , 500 yen for one month, 16 yen for one day. So, it seem too cheap for me. I encourage other friends to calculate like this ;-)

5. After you read No.4, you might think, I am always with make-up. Please wait. When I was a student here, I even went to very early (for me) class without washing my teeth sometime. (no ladies do like this, I guess. But after a class, I went back my room and wash;-) I don't have that habit now) still now, I do not have any make-up, any lotion sometime.

6. I am very lazy to use mosquito net whenever I go to bed(but whenever mosquito bite me, I never kill mosquito.) Luckily there are no mosquito in my place now. So, I can not count this in my list. Then another Weird No6. I do not find any ways except running into hot shower whenever I felt cold in the Winter (under 0 to -15C).

7. I am very sensitive for bad smell a lot so I use a lot of fragrance materials.

8. I hate stranger guys talking about me when I pass by or approaching to me. ( I physically attack to them when I was punch, kick their bicycles:-D

9. When I check the Internet, I often lay down ,put my lap-top on my stomach with a pillow under it;-)

10. When I am not in the mood, I'd like to kick everything in front of my eyes:-P

------Ok, I've done. Believe it or not;-p-----Then I need to tag to other 3 blogger--

1.Ko Phoe Htaung

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