Saturday, April 28, 2007

Meme and Me

ဒီတစ္ခါ Tag လုပ္ျခင္းခံရသူကေတာ႔ MichaelSync ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

I have been tagged twice. Initially, Ashish.C tagged me with 10 “stupid” questions on Jan 30, 07. But due to a lot of reasons, I didn’t do it. but i tried . u know.. (Sorry. Ash) . Now again, 99Sanay and MyoChauThu tagged me with “10 Weird things about me” on 23rd this month. it’s so sad.. Anyway, I’m gonna do both of memes now. but I refuses to tag anyone so those memes are gonna died here. :)

10 Weird things about me

1. don’t wanna wake up at morning and don’t wanna sleep at night.

Maybe. this is brand new disease that I’m currently suffering. lolz..

2. used to happy with existing things that I already have. I don’t wanna change new thing (if it’s not required.)

I don’t mind to have the same food (that I like) every day. When I was staying alone, I used to buy and had fried chicken noodle or chicken fried rice from Chinese restaurant near my house every day over 6 or 7 months since I couldn’t cook and I don’t wanna go out too far..

I don’t mind to listen the same songs every day. There are 20 or 30 songs in my favorite list of wmplayer11. I used to listen those songs again and again since August last year. (this was the time that I installed OS on that machine.) but ya. i may probably going to make new list of my favorite songs in coming month.

Actually, I have a thought. Trying out new thing is okay but what if new thing is not good. :) so, better to stick with something which is already convenience with me. (except for technical things.)

However, I agreed with both “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush” and “a bird in the hand is good, but a bird in the bush might sing”. [link]

3. love technical things and surfing the internet so much

I’m so much crazy in tech things… if it’s possible, i wanna be a part of great research team to create large and cool projects (eg: Singularity). and wanna spend the rest of my lift by doing research.

4. love sweet things (eg: chocolate, candy and Burmese traditional sweet thing) and i hate bitter things except Beer.

I like chocolate so much. I like butter chicken (Indian dish). and I like Beer. :)

5. wanna smoke if i have to wait someone or if i need a deep thought or if i play the guitar

anyway, smoking is good for you [link]. :)

6. Beautiful fingers/hand of a girl

(was looking for a picture to demonstrate what i mean by “girl’s beautiful hand” but I couldn’t get any good photo for that. ) hey! if you are sure that your hand looks cool then don’t forget to send me some photos of your hand. (only girls allowed. :P)

7. I don’t feel like to clean my room

My room is like Punk style.. lolz. ( u know i like punk.. :)) but it doesn’t mean my room is full of dirt. :)

8. I used to forget

Do you believe that I don’t even know my phone number (hey.. u know why? … I’m not used to call my home. :)) or my home address? I know how to go back to my home. but I’m not very sure about my home address. What happened is that when I bought some tickets for Myanmar Lottery, the sale man asked me my address. I was thinking what my home address is. (actually, my mom told me that address thousand times.) but I forgot. I said that I don’t know. so, he surprised and asked me my phone number. Again, I don’t know my phone number too. then that guy looks a lit bit disappointed about that and told me that he just wanna inform me if i win the lottery. So, I gave him one of my friend’s phone number (u see, i remember my friend’s phone number so i can’t say that my brain is not working. :P)

9. I don’t like football. I don’t like to listen about football matches or goals or whatever.

I’m not sure how come football match is so popular in Myanmar (or everywhere) . A lot of people are spending so much money for begging. They spent a lot of sleepless night for watching those games. They spent their money for buying football journals, drinking beer before watching game and so on. Then, They are gonna tell about those matches to everybody (no matter whether we wanna listen or not) again and again.

It reminds me one joke called “Rules of the World Cup“. check-out here.

10 I’m not a fan of Meme.

Yeah. It’s true. I’m not a fan of Meme ( tagging game) . I don’t feel like to do a meme. So, I’d like to request to you all that please don’t tag me anymore. I may not participate in your game next time. Thanks a lot for understanding.

Bonus: The words “I” and “You” are very confusing for me.

Those words are very different and have very different meaning. But I don’t know how come I used to mix those words again and again while i was chatting with my friend.


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