Sunday, April 29, 2007

10 Weird things about Me

ဒီတစ္ခါ Tag လုပ္ျခင္းခံရသူကေတာ႔ MelodyMaung ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

During these days, in our Myanmar Blogger Community, Tagging game by expressing Weird things about oneself is very popular. As a result of this, one of my sis blogger asked me to participate in this game by writing them down.
So, Let's start it.

111) I like snacks too much and can eat it a lot. (at least 3~4days, I can live without eating rice and curry even one time) I can eat a lot buffet for 2hrs by running defrag my stomach.(You know: walking and talking with others and then sitting down and proceed to eat more)

222) I cannot live without drinking coffee daily and if I wanna be drunked and to forget present, I used to drink Espresso(strong- tasted coffee) instead of drinking beer and alocohol.(because I wanna challenge and talkative when I being drunked)

333) I like to wear sexy dresses(even dog wanna bark and bite me hehe :P)

444) Too much spending and not have bargaining ability as my weakness.(sometimes, I have to pay taxi charges when I arrived at home because no money left to return home)
(So, my boyfriend cannot bear it and not dare to get married with me. :D)

555) I used to write poem and sing the songs either be sad or happy as sentimental lady.
(In my blog, expressing my feelings about loving one guy makes me no dignity because I received comments that "shameful blog and I've no dignity" from someone as anonymous.)

666) I used to fall in love seriously although I havn't found yet out perfect match.
(Don't think to accept your proposal. J/K)

777) I have never been arrived new place whenever I go there by one stroke.
(Some Taxi drivers used to leave at nearest place where I wanna go.)

888) I am always optimistic on myself whatever I do, face and being.
(Sometimes boastful and high flown expression)

999) Too much conservative in thinking and living way but fashionable dressing style as above already mentioned.

101010) Some strange behavior as my secret:
While I am laughing, my heart is crying with full of tears.(due to pretending my upset feeling)
While I am crying, I will be happy or enjoy.(according to my beloved one teasing me)

Well, I have still more to express my supernatural or extraordinary things.
But I think that much is enough. If not, my friends and partner will try to stay away from me(hehe)

I wanna request all who read my tag to participate this game by writing your 3weird things at least in comment. Thanks a million!

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